Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Congress: "Fuck off Paulson!"

House rejects $700B bailout in stunning defeat House rejects $700B bailout in stunning defeat, driving stocks down; Treasury vows more work

WASHINGTON (AP) -- In a vote that shook the government, Wall Street and markets around the world, the House on Monday defeated a $700 billion emergency rescue for the nation's financial system, leaving both parties' lawmakers and the Bush administration scrambling to pick up the pieces. Dismayed investors sent the Dow Jones industrials plunging 777 points, the most ever for a single day.

"We need to put something back together that works," a grim-faced Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson said after he and Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke joined in an emergency strategy session at the White House. On Capitol Hill, Democratic leaders said...

Full story > biz.yahoo.com


Saturday, September 27, 2008

New Greenback!

Inside scoop! New Dollar notes!

Rumour has it that printing machines at the Bureau of Engraving and Printing has been running round the clock since the beginning of the month, printing new Federal Reserve Notes. The new notes are said to be a series of new currency designed to replace existing dollar notes.

Leaked image of the note below is said to replace existing $1 note. The conversion rate will be existing $1 = New 10,000. There will be new notes in denomination of 100,000, 1,000,000 and 1,000,000,000 in the series. Shillings like nickels, dimes and quarters will not be used in the future as they will be worthless after the new notes are introduced.

According to insiders, the new notes will start its circulation immediately after bailout plan is in action.

Wiki: Hell bank notes


"You Fcuked Up, Suck It Up!"

People say NO to Bailout of financial institutions. No to Bush, Paulson, Bernanke and their Wall St. buddies. Let the shit hit the fan they say!

Seriously, it's kind of too late now. Americans are now in a Catch-22 position. Held by the balls by the Mafias. If the Mother of All Bailouts is passed, taxpayers will suffer later. If it's rejected, they will die faster.

Bail-out Protest. Wall St. 26-9-2008

Great Chant!

"you f$%ked up suck it up!"


SEC Has Failed

Looks like the US SEC has failed in its duties. The regulator has also contributed or assisted in building the toxic bubble to its current state. Do they have to pay for their "mistakes"? Eehh... I don't think so! Taxpayers will take care of it. It's only a Trillion Dollar or two.

You know you'll be screwed Big Time when the sharks from Wall St., bankers, rating agencies and regulators gangbang together.


Thursday, September 25, 2008

Privatising Gains and Socialising Losses

Deep Shit!

Let's Play "WALLSTREET BAILOUT" The Rules Are... Rep Kapture


Nah !

FCUK You!... Fascist Dictators!

Everyone hates you!

Wednesday September 24, 2008
Raja Petra sent to Kamunting, gets two-year detention

KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysia Today editor Raja Petra Raja Kamarudin was sent to the Kamunting detention camp late on Monday night after the Home Minister signed a two-year detention order under the Internal Security Act (ISA).

Under Section 8(1) of the Act, the minister can order a detention if he is satisfied that it is necessary to prevent that person from acting in a manner prejudicial to the country’s security.

Yesterday, DPP Abdul Wahab Mohamad used the new detention order as a preliminary objection to the blogger’s habeas corpus application in the High Court saying Raja Petra was no longer detained by the police under the Section 73(1) of the ISA.

DPP Abdul Wahab said the police no longer had authority over the applicant and that the burden had shifted to the Home Minister.

“Thus, any illegality in the prior arrest and detention cannot be the subject matter of an inquiry; any previous issues which transpired before the issuance of the detention order cannot be subject to judicial inquiry,” he told Justice Suraya Othman.

Raja Petra had filed a habeas corpus application on Sept 16 for his release. The blogger had named the Inspector-General of Police as respondent.

In a supporting document, Raja Petra’s wife, Mable @ Marina Lee Abdullah, said she believed that Raja Petra was detained under the ISA on Sept 12 to silence him as well as to extract information on his sources.

His lead counsel Malik Imtiaz Sarwar argued yesterday that the minister’s order was merely to defeat the wrongful detention application by his client and was unacceptable.

He submitted the minister’s order was inter-related to the detention order by the police, adding the applicant could still challenge its validity.

“It is a very urgent matter and there is no evidence to suggest that he (Raja Petra) is a threat to national security. He just put in his comments,” he said.

Justice Suraya asked both parties to file further written submissions before the hearing reconvened on Oct 28.

Speaking to reporters later, Malik said he would file a habeas corpus application for his client under Section 8 of the Act.

Marina and Seputeh MP Teresa Kok sat with former de facto Law Minister Senator Datuk Zaid Ibrahim in the public gallery and chatted with him.

Marina, 54, said her husband’s detention in Kamunting was politically motivated and that she would never give up fighting for him.

Also in court yesterday were Raja Petra’s two daughters, Suraya, 31, and Sarah, 19.


Saturday, September 20, 2008

Exit... Stage Left

Here’s a summerised version of an outrageous story written by controversial analyst Matthias Chang in futurefastforward.com. It’s totally ridiculous!


Humpty Dumpty Sat On The Wall…

The announcement by Sleepyhead that he will be the Defence Minister and that Shithead will replace him as Finance Minister is the surest sign that the Sleepyhead regime is in its last throes.

The Trinity of Power – the Father, the Son and the Son-in-Law and their Singapore controlled advisers have revealed that they are now playing the final card.

Just like the Americans boarding the helicopters from the rooftop of the US Embassy in the then Saigon for a quick exit, while the naval armada was on standby to provide fire-power to cover the humiliating retreat, Sleepyhead and his family have resorted to using the military, if the need arises, to provide protective cover while they and their cronies prepare to divest and transfer out of the country their ill-gotten gains.

It is equally obvious that they have realized that “a bird in the hand is worth more than two in the bush”. What is the use of having all the loot and the key to the treasure chest when there are no exits to enjoy the ill-gotten gains?

In exchange for the key to the treasure chest and the money-making machine, Shithead agreed to hand over control of the military to Sleepyhead so as to allow Sleepyhead and his entire band of looters to exit safely and to pre-empt a coup within the Party.

It is also apparent that in the coming weeks as the global financial crisis gets worse, resulting in a stock market crash and the sudden and irreparable fracture of the banking system, people who have lost their life-savings will demand retribution! The first target of the people’s wrath will be the Finance Minister. In such a situation, the Finance Minister will be overwhelmed by the scope and depth of the crisis.

If Sleepyhead remains as the Finance Minister, he will not have any opportunity to prepare an exit strategy. Better if some one carries the baggage. Who better than Shithead, to provide the cover for the secret getaway?

Given the circumstances, I believe that the Trinity of Power – Sleepyhead, his Son and his Son-in-Law will make their move before the end of the year....

... Shithead, in accepting the post of Finance Minister, has committed a strategic error. When the financial shits hit the ceiling fan, Shithead will be blamed not only for all the blunders committed by Sleepyhead, but also the failure to stabilize the economy. Events will unravel so fast that Shithead would not have the time to marshal the financial resources to fend off the challenge by Coolie. It will be a close call. And even if Shithead succeeds in defeating any challenger, he will not be able to rebuild the party in time to overcome the Opposition by 2012.

Notwithstanding the above, I believe that Sleepyhead has a Plan B.
This is what Sleepyhead said this afternoon:
"It depends on the progress of the role I am giving to Shithead. Let's see what he can do."
If Shithead fails miserably to manage the economy in the next few months, it will be too tempting for Sleepyhead not to use Shithead’s failure to oust him, and with the full might of the military behind him, to declare a state of emergency and reclaim unbridled power. Sleepyhead will then rule with an iron hand!

However, …

(Original story > futurefastforward.com: Humpty Dumpty... )

Friday, September 19, 2008

She's Free !

Released after 7 days of detention under the ISA.

Teresa: "I was made a scapegoat..."

PETALING JAYA (Sept 19, 2008) : DAP's Seputeh MP and Selangor senior executive councilor Teresa Kok, who was released from a seven-day detention under the Internal Security Act (ISA) today, has claimed that she was made scapegoat in the move to contain the outrage over the alleged racist remarks.

Seputeh MP Teresa Kok makes a gesture during her
press conference at the DAP office today.

"I see my detention as a ploy by Umno to try to cover up the embarassment and the outrage over the racist statements made by (Bukit Bendera Umno division chief) Ahmad Ismail in Penang," she told a press conference shortly after her release at the DAP headquarters here.

"I wonder why they chose an innocent person like me as I have never made any racist remarks or racist speeches in the past," she said, adding that she has instructed her lawyer to sue the government for her unlawful arrest and detention...

(Full story at the Sun)


Stinky Deal


Lesson on Body Language

3 and 4 are the ones that are easiest to spot.


Top 9 Giveaway - Body Language Gestures and Signals of a Liar

1 The Visual Expression Giveaway

2 The Doubtful Speech Giveaway

3 The Mouth Covering Giveaway
When a person is lying, he or she will normally cover the mouth with the hand. This gesture is actually triggered by the subconscious mind instructing itself to suppress the deceitful and untruthful words that are being said. There will be times when a closed fist or only several fingers that are placed over the mouth, but its meaning remains very much the same.
On the contrary, let's say should you see someone else doing this while you are the one talking, it will mean that the other person is having doubt and finding it difficult to believe in you.

4 The Nose Touching Giveaway
As the nose is very close to the mouth, rubbing, stroking or scratching of that area is also a common gesture performed by someone who is not telling the truth. Though occasionally there are times when it might just be an actual physical itch at the area that needs to be satisfied by scratching or rubbing.

However, there is a slight difference between a genuine scratching to relieve an itch and a doubtful nose rubbing. A real and actual itching feeling will result in a more obvious rubbing motion, while the self-doubting or deceitful rub will normally be just a light touch or stroke.
Similar to the mouth covering gesture, it can both be used by a person who is trying to conceal his or her own deception, and a person who is suspicious of what is being said by the other party.

5 The Eye Rubbing Giveaway

6 The Ear Twiddling Giveaway

7 The Arms and Legs Crossing Giveaway

8 The Postural Language Giveaway

9 The Nervous System Giveaway

Full article > here

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Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Fall of Hitler


Bee En Downfall Parody


Going Nuts Over Numbers

Anwar claims the numbers, PM says 'not'


Wednesday, September 17, 2008

How Am I Doing?

Najib had started a webpage called 1Malaysia to reach out to the peoople. From the introduction video, he gave the impression that he's trying to close rank with the people. Text of his speech is here.

He asked for comments and feedback so that he can improve himself. Judging from the language used, seems like he's targetting the campaign at Non-Malays. What's cooking dude?


Bring 'Em Home!


How 'Bout Some Cat Food?

Marina's Note On Her Visit

My two girls and I managed to see RPK at 11:00am this morning (16 September) at the Bukit Aman Police HQ.

He has been sleeping on a wooden platform without any pillow or bedding.

He looked drawn and drained but still alert…

He has lost weight and his sugar level has dived from 8 to 4. I urged him to eat and to drink a lot of water. In fact we brought him his favorites: a 6-pack coke, chocolates, fresh plums, shepherd’s pie and caramel custard. Raja Petra asked us to take them back. He said that those interrogating him would try to use these food items as inducements to get him to co-operate. RPK said he did not want to be beholden to them. They will use favours they grudgingly grant and use these as trade offs.

He complained that the food supplied is such that our two cats will not even eat. But I encouraged him that despite that, he has to eat. He replied that he has no appetite and that most of the time he is tired as they are interrogating him incessantly. They come to his cell (8X8 concrete box without windows) and harass him at all hours of the day and night taking hourly turns having a video camera at all times. One time they brought a prayer mat and the Koran to his cell and just said so you don’t want this and took it away recording all this.

Sometimes they just come to the cell every half hourly to peep into his cell with the loud clicking of the peep hole keeping him awake. They are interrogating him on all his articles and at this stage it is on his articles on Islam. They said he has no right to write about Islam because we (his family) don’t live like Muslims and they were not sure whether we prayed or not as how all good Muslims should…

(Full story > MalaysiaToday)


Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Money Talks...

Found this in Sassy MP's blog (teresakok.com)

Suing for RM30 Million if demands are not met. Let's see...


Letter of demand to Utusan
September 15th, 2008 by frontbench

*The letter of Demand to Utusan was faxed to the editor at 4.40pm today.

Your Ref: please advise

Our Ref: SNN/YBT/ Civil/08

Date: 15-9-2008

Utusan Melayu (Malaysia) Berhad

46M, Jalan Lima Off Jalan Chan Sow Lin

55200 Kuala Lumpur



We act for YB Teresa Kok Suh Sim.

Our client refers you to the following article that was carried by your newspaper on 10 September 2008 under the captions “Azan, jawi, JAIS, UiTM dan ba-alif-ba-ya…” (hereinafter known as “the impugned article”)

The impugned article that you published, mean and were understood to mean that our client, inter alia:-

1. is a racist;
2. is a religious bigot;
3. is an untrustworthy person as well as an untrustworthy and a bad politician;
4. is intolerant and unprincipled; and
5. is a parochial politician who is anti Islam and anti Malay.

Our client contends the following:-

1. the impugned article as stated above of our client are and were grossly negligent, reckless, irresponsible, deliberate, malicious and aimed to lower our client’s esteem in the eye of the public and expose our client to public hatred, scorn, odium, contempt and ridicule;

2. the impugned article as stated above of our client are motivated or actuated by mala fides, distortion of facts suggesting moral and legal impropriety on the part of our client and are principally done in your pursuit of seeking cheap publicity, sensationalism;

3. the impugned article as stated above of our client are pre-mediated and calculated to tarnish, malign, defame and seriously injure the good name and character of our client;

We are further instructed that you have or caused to have republished the following impugned article.

The allegations and the comments in the impugned article against our client amount to a very serious libel on our client and have caused her considerable distress and embarrassment. These allegations made against her are false and your attack on her is wholly unjustified.

We are therefore instructed to demand, which we hereby do:

1. An immediate and unequivocal public retraction of the impugned article by your newspaper and the removal of all the offending and defamatory comments forthwith.

2. An apology in terms to be approved by us as solicitors to be published in newspapers of our client’s choice.

3. An undertaking by yourselves not to repeat the above words, allegations and comments contained in the impugned article.

Our client has also instructed us to demand damages from you for the injury caused to her reputation of RM30,000,000-00 (Ringgit Malaysia Thirty Million).

Our client has also requested us to demand payment of all legal costs that has been incurred with regard to this matter.

This letter is written in accordance with the pre-action protocol prior to the institution of a libel action. We look forward to hear from you without delay. If we do not receive a satisfactory reply within twenty four (24) hours of receipt of this letter, our instructions are to institute legal proceedings. In the meantime, our client reserves all her rights in this matter.

Kindly acknowledge receipt accordingly.

Thank you.



c.c. client


"Caged Like a Dog"

Teresa’s mum relates horror detention
September 15th, 2008 by frontbench

The following is a transcript of what Teresa’s mum said outside the police station after visiting her for 90 minutes.

“I hope she can regain her freedom and come out as soon as possible and continue to live an ordinary life instead of being detained in a cage like a dog. They locked her up once she walked into that room which is only 6′ x 8′. She is not allowed to read newspaper or any other reading material. She lost all her freedom!

“I feel so sad. Yes they gave her three meals a day, but the food is bad! She had diarrhea this morning and her blood pressure plunged!

“Her dad did not notice it but she was so pale when we met her. It pains me seeing her like that. I never expected that my daughter who spend 2/3 of her time a day servicing the people, fighting for the people’s interest and right, can end up like this.

“This Bahasa Malaysia newspaper purposely defamed her, twisted the facts just to get her into trouble, to victimise her.

“I can only encourage her. I told her we are people who believe in God. Bible told us those who are victimise because they fight for justice are the blessed people. Such people are children of God. I encourage her with these words. I told her not to give up but keep on praying.”

(Sassy MP)

Video from YouTube

Mum said it in Mandarin


3 "Racially Sensitive" Offences

Father: Teresa being probed on three offences

KUALA LUMPUR (Sept 15, 2008): Seputeh MP Teresa Kok, who was detained under the Internal Security Act on Friday, is being investigated for allegedly committing three offences deemed "racially sensitive", according to her parents who met her today at the Bukit Aman federal police headquarters.

Kok Kim Tong with his wife and their four year old
granddaughter accompanied by Lim Kit Siang,
Lim Guan Eng and other DAP members arriving at
Bukit Aman to visit Teresa.

Her father Kok Kim Tong, 74, told reporters that he was told by Teresa that she was being probed for alleged involvement in the "Azan" issue, road signages with Jawi script and another matter regarding the Selangor Religious Department (JAIS).

Kok and his wife, Poh Seh Kwan, 71, who brought along their four-year-old grandaughter Kok En Qi and accompanied by Teresa's personal assistant Mandy Ooi, stepped into Bukit Aman at 1.45pm today...

Full story at The Sun


It's For Your Own Good

Sunday September 14, 2008
Sin Chew reporter goes home a day after ISA arrest

BUKIT MERTAJAM: Reporter Tan Hoon Cheng was released after being arrested and held for 24 hours under the Internal Security Act 1960.
Tan, a reporter with Sin Chew Daily, returned to her Taman Permai home here at 4pm yesterday.

The other two people who were arrested under the ISA on Friday - Selangor senior executive councillor Teresa Kok and Malaysia Today editor Raja Petra Kamaruddin - remained in detention.

Other developments yesterday were:

> Home Minister Datuk Seri Syed Hamid Albar said Tan was arrested because her safety was under threat;

> Syed Hamid also said it was not his decision but that of the police to detain the three under the ISA; and

> The National Union of Journalists, Bar Council and even several Barisan Nasional component parties voiced their disagreement over the use of the ISA on reporters.

Source: The Star

>‘Reporter’s life was threatened’
>My 18 hours under the ISA


Sunday, September 14, 2008

Where is Teresa?

Teresa's parents: "She has been kidnapped ?"

"Where is she ?"

"We don't know if she's still alive or not !"


Mahathir Son Of Iskandar Kutty ?

Found this video titled "Litle Secret of TunMamak" in YouTube. Horrible accent.

This cannot be real!

Litle Secret of TunMamak


Saturday, September 13, 2008

Who Framed Teresa?

PAS MP lodges report against Khir Toyo
Maria J.Dass

SHAH ALAM (Sept 11, 2008): Kota Raja Member of Parliament Dr Siti Mariah Mahmud has lodged a police report against former Selangor Menteri Besar Datuk Seri Dr Mohd Khir Toyo and website pembelamelayu.com for spreading malicious slander and lies about certain quarters pressuring the state authorities to tone down the call to prayer at mosque and surau in the state.

When contacted, Siti Mariah, who is also PAS central committee member, said the police must investigate and act on this immediately as malicious lies can ruin racial and religious harmony.

Pembelamelayu.com quoting Mohd Khir in his blog said Seputeh MP and Puchong Assemblyman Theresa Kok had supported a petition by the Chinese in Kinrara against the azan (call to morning prayer) in their area.

The website also alleged that Seri Serdang assemblyman Satim Diman had raised the issue at the state assembly but did not get a response.

In her report lodged at the Dang Wangi police headquarters today, Siti Mariah said Mohd Khir’s statement, published in Utusan Malaysia on Tuesday, was “malicious and aimed at raising the anger and anxiety of Malay Muslims”.

“This action by Khir, the blog and Utusan Malaysia is an obvious attempt to manipulate the sentiments of the Malay and Muslim people,” Siti Mariah said.

She said newspapers should verify the facts before publishing such reports.
(The Utusan Malaysia report quoted Khir, but Kok's name was not mentioned.)

"As a Muslim, I was upset when I read the article, but upon checking with Teresa, I found out that she had not been involved in the petition at all.”

She added that she obtained a copy of the state assembly Hansard from the Speaker’s office and found that allegations that Satim was ordered to remain seated when he brought up the issue at the state assembly was unfounded.

She said it is understood that committees of the mosques involved have also lodged reports with the police against the unfounded allegations.

When contacted, Mohd Khir said: “Let the police to investigate the allegations.”

Asked if he stood by the statements made, Mohd Khir said: “A report has been lodged, so I don’t want to say anything more on the matter.”

On Wednesday,...


1969, 1987, 2008?

Fooled us once, shame on you...

Fooled us twice, shame on us...

Fool us again??? C'mon...

The REAL story of May 13 (part 1)

Malaysia acts: Repeat of Oct 1987?


Marina: They Came and Took Him


Aiyo! Pak Lah!

What the fcuk is happening!?
Those people arrested are no dangerous criminals. What's the story?

It's disgusting seeing powerful people bullying two weak ladies and a senile man. Pick on someone your own size. Weakling!

Shame on you, shame on you, shame on you. Ptui..!


Friday, September 12, 2008

The Power of Unity

Battle at Krugger - This video is one of YouTube's most popular videos, with more than 36 million views as of May 08.

Battle at Kruger is an amateur wildlife video that depicts an unfolding confrontation between a herd of Cape Buffalo and a pride of lions. The video was shot in September, 2004 at a watering hole in Kruger National Park, South Africa.

People, Tyrants and Opportunists

Oops! Watch out for those crocodiles. Those 5%, 10% man.


Tuesday, September 9, 2008

ThambiAhmad Go Berserk!


My Mother is a Woman

Why state the obvious? What's up Ah Mad?

Ahmad: Why should I apologise? Ahmad: I was referring to history


A list of some Rulers who were once immigrants and squatters also (refering to the past ala Ahmad)

Ahmad Ismail – grandparent (India)
Badawi – grandparent (Guangdong China)
Najib – ancestor (Sulaweisi, Indonesia)
Hishamudin – ancestor (Turkey)
Mahathir – father (Kerala, India)
Tunku Abd Rahman – mother (Thailand)
Syed Hamid – ancestor (Arab)
Sanusi Junid – ancestor (Aceh)
Kader Sheikh Fadzir – ancestor (India)
Nor Mohamed Yakop – ancestor (India)
Rais Yatin – ancestor (Minang)
Mohamad Rahmat – (Jawa, Indonesia)
Khir Toyo – father (Indonesia)

(Source: Syed Imran's Blog Antara pendatang dan penumpang.)

(English Translation by John Lim "We are all pendatangs" )

Related article > "Chedet Tokkok"


Wednesday, September 3, 2008

University Tun Hussain Onn

This "powerful" advertorial was published in the NST on 23 August. It must be real embarassing to the receipient who received the award.

What a load of crap. Given a choice, who would want to send their children to this "university"?

Clearer image of the advertorial is available here and here


I am Your Master!